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Bank Syariah Indonesia is an Indonesian bank engaged in Islamic banking. Bank Syariah Indonesia is a state-owned financial institution that provides credit and other services in payment traffic as well as monetary circulation operating using Sharia or Islamic principles, playing an important role in developing the people’s economy nationally.

This is because Islamic banks are pursuing the concept of anti-usury and advocating the application of the principles of the system of Mudharabah, Deliberation, Murabaha and Ijara in its application.

The roles and functions of Islamic Bank Indonesia are as follows:

1. Clean up Sharia banking operations to increase public trust.

2. Increase awareness of Sharia among Muslims to expand the Shariah banking sector and market share.

Islamic banks serve as collectors and distributors of public wealth, aiming at the distribution of development and consequent implementation of national development to enhance economic growth and national stability, and should support towards raising the standard of living of ordinary citizens. .

The principle of Islamic Bank Indonesia is that Islam forbids the concept of ‘making money out of money’. Money is a medium of exchange, not a commodity, because it has no intrinsic value. Elements of gharar (uncertainty) are not allowed.

Both parties need to know what the outcome of the transaction will be. Operating on the principle of profit sharing, Islamic Bank provides an alternative banking system that is mutually beneficial to the community and the bank. It also prioritizes fairness in trade, ethical investment, and the values ​​of solidarity and brotherhood in production, and emphasizes the avoidance of speculative behavior in financial transactions.

Islamic banking is a reliable alternative banking system that all walks of life can find without exception by offering a variety of financial products and services with a variety of financial plans.

Advantages and Benefits of Sharia Services The first advantage of conducting financial transactions in an Islamic bank is the avoidance of usury. In Islam, usury is forbidden and must be abandoned. You can avoid the sin of usury by depositing your money in an Islamic bank.

Second, saving on Sharia means engaging in the implementation of Islamic Sharia and doing business based on Islam. This will definitely reward those who do so and finally your profits in Islamic banking can be based on a profit sharing system.

Transactions conducted by Islamic Bank of Indonesia are Shariah compliant transactions such as:

– Elements of torture are not included.

– No rebate transactions

– Do not put yourself or others at risk

– Does not contain restricted content

– Do not include:

1. Gambling (Egypt)

2. Gharar

3. Monopoly/Stock (ikhtikar)

4. Exploitation (istighlal)

5. Ignore (jahalah)

6. Concealment (najsy)

7. Designed for a lot of buyers (inah)

8. Engineering Usury (‘Inah)

9. Engineering Buyers Have No Choice (taljiah)

10. Exploiting consumers’ ignorance of price information (ghubun)

Shariah services available at Indonesia Sharia Bank include:

– LPS (Deposit Guarantee Committee) guarantee

For customers depositing in Islamic banks, all deposited funds are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Agency (LPS). All banking activities, whether savings, checking or term deposits, are insured by the LPS.

This way, you don’t have to worry about the risk of other losses in case of bankruptcy. LPS is also actively contributing to maintaining the stability of Indonesia’s Islamic banking system so that it can compete with other traditional banks.

– Equipped with internet banking facilities

For the convenience of customers’ financial transactions, Islamic Bank also provides internet banking facilities. This means customers can send money, pay bills, shop or make other transactions anytime, anywhere, with just a device and an internet connection.

It sounds trivial, but we’ve found this feature very beneficial for our customers. Especially in today’s digital age where everything is fast.

– Profit sharing system, no interest

If traditional banks implement the interest system, Islamic banks will be familiar with the profit sharing system under Islamic law. That is, the profit is calculated based on the income earned by the bank.

In other words, the profit share received by the customer is higher. This is very different from the bank interest system, which is determined by bank funds.

– Free management fee

Customers of Islamic Bank do not have to worry about incurring monthly management fees as no administration fee is charged regardless of the minimum balance the customer maintains. This makes it easier for those who can only deposit a small amount each month.

This way, your savings won’t be reduced because Islamic Savings has no administration fees for you to pay.

– Products available at Bank Syariah Indonesia

Another advantage of Islamic bank savings to consider is the availability of attractive products. For example Hajj and Umrah savings, donations, Qurban savings, Shariah deposits. In fact, it provides Shariah-based life insurance and home ownership finance services.

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